Fishing Glossary G

Gamakatsu – A brand name of hooks.

game fish or game-fish (adj.) Species of fish caught for sport that fights hard when hooked. In Arizona, includes trout of all species, bass of all species, catfish of all species, sunfish of all species, northern pike, walleye and yellow perch. Legal game fish are defined in statute. There are more fish sought for sport than are listed as game fish.

gear – Any tools used to catch fish, such as rod and reel, hook and line, nets, traps, spears and baits.

Gila trout – One of Arizona’s two native trout species. Gila trout had been extirpated (eliminated) from Arizona, but were reintroduced in the mid 1990s. They are listed as federally endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

gill – Respiratory organ of many aquatic animals, such as fish.

gill opening – an opening behind the head that connects the gill chamber to the exterior.

gill net, gill-net (v.) – A commercial (not sport-fishing) net used to harvest fish. So named because of the mesh sizes designed to catch the intended species by the gill. Commonly used by biologists when conducting fish surveys.

Gizit – A brand name of tube bait (the original).

grayline – The grayline on a fish finder lets you distinguish between strong and weak echoes. For instance, a soft, muddy or weedy bottom returns a weaker symbol, which is shown with a narrow or no gray line. A hard bottom returns a strong signal, which causes a wide and dark grayline.

grayling – A northern species of freshwater game fish; a member of the trout family. In Arizona, typically found at Lee Valley Lake in the White Mountains.

grub – A short, plastic type of worm, usually rigged with a weighed jig hook.