Fishing Glossary H

habitat – The natural environment where people, animals and plants live. In an aquatic environment, it includes the water, topography, structure and cover present in a lake.

handline – A fishing line used without a rod or reel; a line held in the hand.

hard bottom – Usually a type of bottom that you would not sink far, if at all, were you to walk on it and can consist of clay, gravel, rock or sand.

hawg – A slang term describing a large lunker-size or heavyweight bass weighing 4 pounds or more.

hellgramite — The larvae of the dobsonfly.

holding area – Structure that habitually attracts and holds bass.

holding station – Place on a lake where inactive fish spend most of their time.

honey hole – A slang term describing a specific hole, spot, or area containing big fish or lots of catchable fish.

Hopkins spoons – A brand name of spoon with a hammered appearance.

hump – An underwater island that generally rises gradually. Humps can often hold fish.

hydrology – The science dealing with the distribution, properties and circulation of water on land, in the soil, and in the atmosphere.