Fishing Glossary J

jerkbait – A type of soft-plastic or hard-plastic bait resembling a bait fish that is typically fished in a series of quick jerks or is “ripped” to resemble a darting baitfish.

jig – A hook with a leadhead that is usually dressed with hair, silicone, plastic or bait.

jigging spoon – Refers to a spoon that is typically “jigged” or bounced off the bottom with a slight up-and-down motion of the rod or rod tip so the spoon resembles a dying shad or other baitfish.

jig-and-pig or jig-n-pig – Combination of a leadhead jig fitted with a pork trailer. Popular for flippin’ and pitchin’ fish-holding structure, such as submerged bushes and trees.

jig-fishing, jig-fish (v.) – The practice of using a jig to catch fish.

johnboat – A small flat-bottomed, square-fronted, shallow-draft boat that is popular with duck hunters and many anglers alike.