Fishing Glossary M

marabou jig – A weighted jig with light, fluffy feathers attached to the body.

mayfly – A small aquatic fly that is an important food for trout, which means it is also important for fly-anglers.

marker buoy – A small plastic buoy, often fluorescent color that is tossed into the water to mark a fish holding area or a school of fish. Such buoys are popular for those fishing schooling sport-fish, such as crappie, white bass, or striped bass, in open water.

Mealworms – Small beetle larvae often used for catching crappies or sunfish.

Mepps spinners – A brand name in-line spinner.

mesotrophic — A lake classification describing middle-aged bodies of water between oligotrophic (young) and eutrophic (old) classifications. It is a body of water with a moderate amount of dissolved nutrients.

migration route – The path followed by bass or other fish when moving from one area to another.

milfoil – Surface-growing aquatic plants.

mini-jig – A small leadhead jig, usually 1/16- or 1/32-ounce, often used for catching crappie or sunfish.

mono – Short for monofilament fishing line.

monofilament – A single, untwisted, synthetic filament.

moon times – The four phases or quarters of the moon are usually what the fisherman is concerned with. Generally, the bad times in a month occur three days prior and three days after the full moon or new moon. The first-quarter and second-quarter periods are considered as the good moon times.