Fishing Glossary O

off-color – Refers to the color and or clarity of the water. The normal off-color conditions include brown or mud-stained such as from runoff, green from algae or algae blooms and brown from tannic acid.

open-faced reel – A typical or standard spinning reel in which the line comes off the fixed spool in loops and there is no nose cone.

otolith – The ear bone of a fish. The age of a fish can be determined by counting the layers in the otolith, much like the rings of a tree.

outside bend – The outside line of a creek channel or grass bed. For underwater structure, it can also refer to the outside line of a submerged wash or arroyo.

oligotrophic – Lake classification used to describe young bodies of water characterized by deep, clear, cold, weedless water that can support fish, such as trout.

organic baits – Minnows, insects, worms, fish eggs, cut bait, cheese or similar substances.

overcast – To cast a lure, fly or bait beyond the aimed-for target.

over-fishing – Fishing pressure beyond which a sustainable population of fish or stocking effort can be maintained.

oxbow – A U-shaped bend in a river or stream. If isolated, they can be referred to as an oxbow lake.