Fishing Glossary R

ramp – Also referred to as a boat ramp or launch ramp. It is the launch-retrieve area for a boat.

rainbow trout, rainbows – A member of the salmon/trout family. Rainbows are not native to Arizona.

Rapala – A brand or lures.

Rat-L-Trap – A brand of lipless crankbait.

redd – An individual nest or depression in the gravel excavated by trout other members of the trout and salmon family for depositing eggs. Multiple redds make up a bed.

reservoir – Artificially created lake where water is collected and stored; also called an impoundment.

re-stocking – The practice of releasing hatchery-reared fish from the hatcheries into ponds, streams, rivers, or lakes.

riprap – A man-made stretch of rocks or material of a hard composition that usually extends above and below the shoreline, often found near dams of big impoundments.

riverbank – The bank or banks of a river.

riverbed – There area or channel between the banks through which a river flows. In Arizona, there are also dry river beds.

rollcast (n., v., adj.) – A type of fly-casting technique in which the line is not cast above the water, but instead rolled over with the line lying on the water.

Rooster Tails – A brand of in-line spinner.